Unless Classic Tile Galleria Pty Ltd advises of any alterations or different sales conditions stated in writing, the following terms and conditions apply from the moment in which any potential customer approaches the companyviaonline or in person.


Classic Tile Galleria (CTG) means Classic Tile Galleria Pty Ltd ACN 628 921 577 of 467 Mt Alexander Rd, MooneePonds, VIC 3039, established in January 2019.

CTG premises means the locations where CTG conducts business, meaning the two physical addresses: theshowroom in 467 Mt Alexander Rd (Moonee Ponds, 3039) and the warehouse in 88 Sutton St (North Melbourne,3051); as well as all of the online space used by CTG: www.classictilegalleria.com.au, ctg_melbourne (Instagram),Classictilegalleria (Facebook) and CTGalleria (Pinterest

Goods means all the products specified within the categories CTG chooses to trade with, included but not limited to:tiles, natural terrazzo, porcelain panels, pavers, engineered timber, laminate floorboards, hybrid floorboards, tapware,bathware, caulk, grout, adhesive; together with any containers or pallets strictly supplied by CTG.

Services means all of the website content, the sample orders whether online or in-store, the design guidance, theassessment offered in-store, the assessment offered via social media, any interaction made throughout the digitalinterface, the personal contact made with the trade for special promotions and/or contracts.

Users means any entity, regardless physical or legal, who intends to make use of CTG services, including but notlimited to website browsers, walk-in store browsers, private customers, architects, designers, builders, developers,merchants and/or contributors.

Purchaser means the person, regardless physical or legal, who placed the purchase order for any of the goods CTGtrades with and agreed to the terms and conditions hereby stated.


Classic Tile Galleria is born out of passion for contemporary living environments.Our main goal is to enable customers to envision and express their lifestyle by providing a wide range of interior and exterior surfaces and finishes.

“The right balance of accurately selected elements lead to visual ecosystems in which each part contributes to the grace and beauty of the ensemble.”

Our mission is to discover and bring to the audience outstanding products and details which are aesthetically pleasant and technologically advanced.

Functionality along with an efficient selection of colors and finishes in which the elements interact simultaneously.Whether it is a small private renovation or a new commercial development, our goal is to support our community and create long-lasting relationships with those around us.CTG adds value to your daily life by providing top quality products, best technical performances, and humanely and environmentally sustainable practices.


Please read this document carefully before using any of our services. 

CTG reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.

All prices are expressed in Australian Dollars. 

All of the intellectual property, content, goods or services expressed among any of CTG premises are property of CTG until otherwise stated in writing or sale contract made with purchaser. 

CTG offers all the website content, tools and services upon the user agrees and complies with the following terms and conditions. These apply to all future dealings between the company and the user/purchaser. 

All trademarks are proprietary property of respective owner. 

CTG reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of sale without any notice at any time. The latest version of this document will always be available online in CTG’s website and will always be found attached to quotations sent via email. The user will also be available to request a copy of this document in-store. 

This contract is governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of the Australian state of Victoria and the parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Victoria. 

CTG is an ever-evolving company which is entitled to alter or discontinue the goods and services (or any part or content thereof) it offers at any time for any reason without being liable to any user. 

The user shall never make use of any of CTG services or goods for illegal, unauthorized, obscene or immoral purposes, or violate any laws in any jurisdiction, including but not limited to copyright laws. The user shall never abuse, harass, insult, harm, defame, intimidate or discriminate any of the employees based on any reason. The user shall never interfere with or threaten the security and integrity of CTG employees, premises and goods. 

CTG reserves the right to terminate user’s access to any of CTG services and premises for infringing any of the prohibited uses.


In order to use this service online, the purchaser must be at least the age of majority in your state or province of residence. 

CTG offers a service of sample ordering through its physical and digital premises. Online ordering will incur in a $15AUD price (fifteen Australian dollars) whereas the in-store ordering will incur in a $5AUD price (five Australian dollars). The goods available for sample ordering are tiles (floor and wall tiles, deco and mosaic tiles, outdoor tiles), panels (floor and wall panels) and floorboards (engineered timber and laminate floorboards). The size of each sample piece is 100x100mm for tiles and 100x200mm for floorboards. All tiles and floorboards are subject to current stock availability. Delivery times for Victoria (urban and rural areas) are between 3-5 working days. 

The given price is according to the standard order which is limited to 5 (five) samples per box.

If the user wants to order any more than 5 (five) samples the price will increase $1 (one dollar) per extra sample, applicable accordingly to the corresponding method of order. A maximum of 10 (ten) samples per box is allowed. 

With the purchase of the sample boxes, each purchaser will receive a discount coupon redeemable only once within the next 6 (six) months after the sample box purchase. The price of the sample box will be redeemed if the user places an order for any of the goods from the sample box. 


For architects and designers or builders and developers or retail shops interested in setting a business partnership with CTG then a tailor-made service will be offered and CTG will provide free sample boxes and catalogues. Trade and wholesale pricelists will be issued accordingly. In order to access this service and benefits the business must be registered through a specific form valid as a contract. Upon registration, the business accepts CTG terms and conditions for any future projects and/or trades. The agreement also implies the mutual possibility (discretional) to publish/disclose information related to goods, brand, business name for marketing purposes (corporate and social media). 


Credit accounts with CTG will be specifically assessed and eventually granted depending on each particular case.  


The PANTONE® colour names and codes given by CTG are to stand just as a reference for users not to entirely rely on the colour calibrations of their screens. Nonetheless, these names and codes should never be considered as the exact colour of the tile in question since batch productions, light incidence, finishes, overall design of the tile and amount of faces in the collection may imply colour difference. All names and codes are property of PANTONE® and correspond to their 2019 Fashion, Home + Interiors Color Guides.


CTG prices are expressed in Australian dollars, corresponding to two units of measure: either square meters or pieces. Each unit of measure will depend on the good and be specified in the quote / sales order / invoice / delivery docket. 

Unless the user provides specific required quantities, CTG will always offer preliminary quotes with standard prices according to the kind of good that is enquired about. Exact quantities confirmed by the user will be needed to prepare final quotations. CTG will not be liable for miscalculated quantities. 

CTG works with a discount scheme which will enable users to get different prices at CTG’s discretion. For private customers, the discounts will vary depending on the quantities purchased. 

All quotations will remain valid for a period of 30 (thirty) days from the date of the original quote unless stated the contrary by CTG in writing and after which the quote shall be considered null.

CTG reserves the right to modify prices at any time without notice for any good or service offered.


CTG is a cashless business which accepts credit card payments and/or bank transfers. For all invoices under a $1000 (one thousand) the 100% will be required. For all invoices over a $1000 (one thousand) a 50% deposit will be required, plus balance paid prior to goods being delivered/picked up. 

All goods will remain property of CTG until payment in full has been received from purchaser. 

CTG is not obliged to place any order no matter how urgent the purchaser needs it if no deposit, or valid proof of it, has been received. 

All special orders, for goods outside the existing range or for large quantities, will require payment of the balance upon arrival of goods into CTG physical premises. 

If a purchaser fails to pay as provided an interest rate of 15% on the outstanding payment will be applied and will incur in all costs related to CTG recovering from any overdue payment. CTG may elect to withhold goods until overdue payments are finalized. 

If there are modifications to be made to the original invoice once deposit has been paid, additional charges may apply and CTG will notify the purchaser as soon as possible. 

All deposits and payments are non-refundable unless stated in a written agreement between CTG and the purchaser for each exceptional circumstance. 

Cancellations must be notified in writing to CTG and will forfeit deposit. If goods have been already dispatched from CTG premises no cancellations will be accepted. Special orders cancellations shall not be accepted either. 

CTG is authorized to cancel any order which cannot be fulfilled for any reason, will provide notification in advance and an exceptional agreement between CTG and the purchaser will arise. 


All costs related to deliveries are extra to the goods purchased and will be presented in the invoice. 

If agreed, CTG will deliver the goods to the purchaser’s address set out in the invoice. CTG will only deliver to the curbside and is not obliged to unload goods inside purchaser’s premises. Once goods are delivered to the curbside, they become the utter responsibility of the purchaser. 

Deliveries will be arranged in writing with the purchaser at their best convenience. Delivery details will be confirmed once goods are in CTG premises to ensure as much accuracy as possible regarding delivery times. 

CTG is taken to have delivered the goods when it obtains written acknowledgement of delivery from a person with apparent authority at the designated place of delivery by signing appropriately provided the delivery docket. 

It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that the delivered order is the one associated to the goods they requested prior to any installation taking place. CTG will not be liable for any installation made with the incorrect goods.

Pick-ups will be available from both CTG physical premises upon prior notification from purchaser to collect goods in suitable time and date within CTG operating hours. This will incur in no extra fees. 

If goods are not collected by the purchaser 30 (thirty) days after arrival into the CTG premises for special orders, or 30 (thirty) days after placing the order for regularly stocked goods, then the purchaser agrees to pay a storage fee of $50 per calendar week per pallet, unless otherwise agreed in writing with CTG. 

Claims for damages, errors in delivery or shortfalls must be lodged in writing and accompanied by representative pictures within 2 (two) days from delivery. 

Delays in deliveries will not be subject to CTG’s responsibility. CTG shall not be liable for any loss whatsoever arising from any delay in deliveries due to, including but not limited to, issues in manufacture, shipping delays, strikes, international public holidays and machinery breakdown. Any failure from CTG to deliver goods within the estimated time of stated does not entitle the purchaser to breach the contract in whole or in part or to sue CTG for loss or damages. 


CTG will not accept returns of samples boxes, special order goods, sale goods, loose pieces or discontinued products. CTG will accept partial returns, spares and leftover goods if they comply with the conditions set below. 

CTG will only accept the return if goods are in the exact same conditions in which they were delivered, in its original packaging only, match CTG current shade of stock and are returned within 30 (thirty) days of the date of the invoice with proof of purchase. The purchaser will be given a credit for the purchase price of the goods less a 20% storage, administration and handling fee. 

The purchaser will request a return by giving CTG full written details of the goods, including but not limited to code, collection name, colour, size, finish and batch number. CTG will process the request only if all the previous details are full and, upon assessing the feasibility of the return, notify the purchaser of the approval or denial. 

The purchaser will be responsible for all transportation charges associated with the return of goods.


CTG will not be liable for differences in texture, colour or tonality in the goods due to the inherent variation in the manufacturing process. 

CTG will not be liable for changes in natural materials, including but not limited to natural terrazzo, engineered floorboards and concrete basins over time due to its natural quality. 

Any warranty of the goods will apply within the Australian territory and to the original purchaser to which the goods were first sold. 

Goods supplied by CTG are guaranteed to be free from defects in accordance to manufacturer’s warranty, but this does not cover the replacement of any defective goods without prior written assessment from the purchaser to CTG. 

Goods are not guaranteed against irresponsible or negligent handling, installing or storing on behalf of the purchaser. 

CTG will not be liable for goods which have been already fixed or laid. 

CTG will not be liable for any difference between samples and goods, nor for variations in shades throughout different batches in goods. 

The purchaser hereby agrees that in the event of any loss, damage or claim due to a manufacture defect, CTG is liable of the replacement or resupply of the goods only, excluding any other cost or loss the defect may have caused.  

The purchaser releases CTG from any claim, action or liability as consequence of loss or damage to persons or property arising by any delays, non-delivery, incorrect delivery, defective materials or workmanship, negligence, any act, matter, conduct or thing done, permitted or omitted by CTG. 

All rejected or defective parts of any goods shall remain property of CTG to dispose of as it considered necessary. 

CTG takes no responsibility for errors in dimensions, quantities, batch variations, finishes, colours or any other specifications of goods where purchase orders are placed other than in writing. No claims will be accepted regarding any variations in colour, batch, pattern, veining, finish or size for natural materials including but not limited to natural terrazzo, engineered floorboards and concrete basins.


The purchaser agrees to, regardless of any negligence on the part of CTG in providing the goods to release, hold harmless, defend and indemnify CTG from any liabilities, claims, demands or costs which may occur against or be suffered by the purchaser in connection with the supply of the goods by CTG.


The user understands and agrees that their personal information and details may be transferred unencrypted and may be involved in transmissions over various networks. The user’s personal information, including but not limited to name, address, email address and phone number, will be stored in a private database for an internal research and may be used for marketing purposes. 

Credit card information is always encrypted during transfer over networks. If the user willingly provides CTG with the credit card details for payments in the spot or over the phone, CTG will only use that information to accomplish the purchase and will be deleted afterwards unless a different agreement has been reached in writing with the purchaser.  

With the user’s express consent in writing, CTG will modestly keep the user updated about new arrival of goods, changes in services, updates in the terms and conditions, CTG premises and any other general information related to CTG. The user is entitled to say no to our collecting their information and is able to unsubscribe from our services to their liking. 

CTG will follow the most reasonable precautions to ensure users privacy remains safe and is not lost, disclosed or misused.  CTG will not use your personal information for any other purpose than finalizing purchases and marketing researches. 

CTG makes use of third-party providers to perform actions that enable the whole purchase process, like payment gateways and third-party companies that have agreements with CTG. In this case, third-party terms of use and conditions should be considered since they may differ from CTG’s. CTG advises users to read the privacy policies as well to understand how their personal information will be handled by these providers. CTG will not be liable for any action taken by these providers regarding their management of users’ personal information.